The Founder

“More than a signature of accessories,

a way of seeing life.

More than gifts, they are authentic feelings and

full of purpose reflected in each piece we create.”

Vanessa Ferrer

What is the story of Vanessa Ferrer?

 Vanessa Ferrer as you all know it today, has been the result of an evolution, but everything started in my younger years, hahaha when I was a university student with the desire to strengthen my identity, I loved creating accessories as a hobbie, basically because I have always valued authenticity and I felt the need for the pieces I used to be different from the others, I remember that the first earrings that I created, I made them in copper wire, I went to the hardware store, bought a cable and took out copper strands, with a cutting pliers gave them shape and placed applications in wood and other acrylic elements or whatever crossed my path, then I came to the university with my creations and all my partners wanted me to make more and more, I agreed because the truth was a fantastic hobby, my only condition was always that there were not two equal pieces, from the beginning I was very clear that accessories should talk about who carries them, they lose identity when they become just fashion.

So everything was born, with a copper wire, to relax a psychology student who read more than 7 chapters a day, making accessories was my creative therapy.

After that experience, I never stopped creating, accessories have always been for me a way to communicate my ideas, my way of seeing the world, positively impact the lives of others and brighten the soul with a detail.

I have so many beautiful anecdotes that I could share several wines with you to tell them, but I can tell you that “my hobbie” allowed me at the time to create a motivational line for patients in chemotherapy, to visit them and give them messages of hope and strength, to train minority groups (teenage or precarious mothers) with tools to start and generate incomes for their families, promote fundraising campaigns for something as sacred as the heart of a child or a family and found a design fair in partnership with a friend. There have been so many wonderful experiences that I have only to thank all the experiences that VF has allowed me to live. Definitely, it deserved to take it more seriously by me and turning into a formal entrepreneurship.

Why did you decide to call it “Vanessa Ferrer”?

 The name of Vanessa Ferrer is a tribute to my mother, usually when I have achieved academic achievements or in other areas, she always told me that it was unfair to be call to the podium as “Vanessa Montilla”, I know how much illusion makes her to be mentioned also that surname that represented her, she always shouted things like “That’s my daughter Vanessa Montilla FERRRRRRERR” hahaha, with an accent in the R. Then when I decided to formalize my entrepreneurship, do not hesitate a second to honor her, basically for two reasons.

I decided to formalize my enterprise 3 years ago, just after becoming a mother and understand that this role was going to radically change my way of looking at life, being a mother invited me to spend more time with me, to get to know me and to give the best of me, to Victoria, my daughter, I needed to devise a way to continue being productive without losing its stages of development, I needed to be present, giving priority to my family over the corporate world and that’s why I decided to formally undertake, I understood my mother more, and that I want to see myself in every achievement that I achieve, that’s why my signature is a tribute to her femininity, her grace, her beauty, her authenticity, but above all to all the love that she has invested in me and that today allows me to have the confidence to take the reins of my dreams.

What differentiates VF from other accessories firms?

VF is a projection of my way of seeing life, every symbol that I use in my creations speaks of the things that I consider to be truly important, and that is something that has evolved in time according to my life experiences. In VF rather than creating accessories, we are motivated to create authentic moments and emotions, those that transcend, that are timeless and always stay with you.

Why do you say they are accessories with purpose?

Beyond transmitting a message for each person who wear them, to accompany stories and draw smiles, our pieces have a foundational purpose, I am a faithful believer that to receive the blessings of the universe we have to give and only by opening our hands it is possible that you can perceive what the world has and needs from you. In this sense, 10% of each sale generated in VF is devoted to foundational causes such as child nutrition, health and inclusion.

What inspires you?

 There are many things that inspire me, I am inspired by the impact we can achieve on people, the anecdotes of my clients, the spaces to share with my family, the scope that a well-transmitted message can achieve, the power of an accessory to anchor to a moment and make the messages always remain in the present.

I am inspired by women and mothers like you who come out every day to give everything by showing that it is possible to do what we like without neglecting our families.

 In what do you believe in?

 I believe in God, I believe in the power that human beings have to connect talents and achieve a positive impact on society, I believe in inclusion, I believe that loving and giving quality time to a child is the best legacy you can leave, I think -we- women are queens, we are heads of our lives, I believe in our capacity to build and evolve every day, and I believe that I can communicate all that from VF. There is nothing that communicates in my accessories in what you do not believe.

How is a day in VF, could you tell us a little about the creative / productive process.?

 The days in VF do not have a defined schedule, can start with the ideas that flood you in an early morning and leave you thinking until the sun rises, as with my notebook of ideas next to the laptop and a good tea like today. I usually carry with me a notebook of ideas where I write down everything that occurs to me according to my experiences, then I give them shape and I start to connect talents, I do not do things alone, to give life to my ideas I have a fantastic team that begins with my husband who supports me almost always in everything, my 78-year-old mother-in-law who helps me in the creation of products, an assistant in my home, the goldsmith’s workshop team that creates the charms, my trusted messenger that serves all with a smile, my millenial support that from Argentina takes my foot off the mud on technological issues, the development team that is working right now on the web, my clients that in the daily exchange fill me with new ideas and motivation and for Of course my daughter who is my main engine, I am only the voice, behind me there is a wonderful team without which nothing would be possible

 Where is the firm going, what projects do you have?

 Giving voice to ideas and projects of other entrepreneurs, globalize the firm, promote the web as a communication channel that allows me to be closer to you regardless of borders, grow, grow and keep growing and collecting stories and moments with you allow us to share that growth and learn from each other. In the future of course take the leap from entrepreneurship to business.